Card Specification

Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a simple and refreshing product with no purchase fees. To subscribe to Indigo Platinum Mastercard now, simply click on the tab behind the IndigoCard name.

Users should visit the official IndigoCard website, where they can securely enter all the information necessary to register and activate their credit cards. On the official website, users can simply continue by following the on-screen instructions.

The IndigoCard can be a great alternative when users want to increase or restore credibility and enjoy free annual fees. This is a particularly beneficial option when users need an inexpensive card that supports international transactions.

However, if users have a fairer or better view of, there are several perspectives that offer improved credit-building strategies, 0% transfer rates, and multiple reward points.

The IndigoCard also does not offer any travel benefits and prefers to charge a fee for all foreign currency transactions. This makes it an alternative option for national use, also compared to several other cards intended for people with bad credit or credit problems.

Like many of these cards, serving customers with credit problems, the Indigo Platinum Mastercard has a consistently high APR. With this official rate, the card is less suitable for those who have a balance in the account or wish to carry out several transactions abroad.

In addition, the value of the IndigoCard is reduced to ensure a positive credit history, as maintaining credit spends more than the credit limit and reduces “credit consumption.”

  • The IndigoCard has corresponding and remarkable properties that users must know and especially recognize before applying for the card.
  • This will help users to make an informed decision about whether or not to use the card. Take a look at the specs on the back of the card: –
  • Indigo Platinum Mastercard’s annual fee ranges from $ 0 to $ 99, depending on the creditworthiness of the new user.
  • There are no enrollment rewards or reward points for Indigo Platinum Mastercard.
  • Users can prequalify for the IndigoCard without rigorous counseling.
  • People can apply for this IndigoCard even if they are already bankrupt.
  • The IndigoCard credit limit is not dependent on a cash deposit.

The credit limit on the card is 300 USD and is not directly related to the IndigoCard payment and can be supplemented with online transactions. Since there is no annual fee on, the IndigoCard even avoids a series of payments that the Indigo Platinum Mastercard calculates for international transactions.