Fees and Rates

The easiest way to pay your Indigo credit card bill is online at the official website www.indigocard.com. The ability to use the phone becomes even more attractive thanks to its privileges.

You can easily make payments by calling the Indigo customer service contact number found on the back of your IndigoCard. The other alternative is by email. This can be done by sending a check or money order.

IndigoCard Pay is a reliable credit card service, so users don’t have to worry about their balance or creditworthiness. The card details are verified for protection speculation by three central services.

You can use the official IndigoCard login portal after registering at www.indigocard.com. In order to use all the services and benefits of the portal, users must register and log in with their accounts.

IndigoCard Fees and Rates

  • Annual percentage purchase – users are charged 24.9% for the annual percentage purchase.
  • APR on Cash Advances – The APR is 29.9% on Cash Advances.
  • Minimum Interest Rate – The lowest interest rate on IndigoCard is $ 0.50.
  • Annual Fee – Users are billed $ 75 for the first year of annual fees. After the first year, users must pay an annual fee of $ 99.
  • Prepaid – First-year upfront payment is $ 0 for IndigoCard account holders. After the first year of opening an IndigoCard login account, users must pay at least $ 5 upfront or 5% of the prepaid amount.
  • Foreign transaction fee – 1% is credited for each foreign transaction.
  • Late Payment Charges – Users will be required to pay a late payment fee of up to $ 40.

Users can instantly access their IndigoCard account from the home page www.indigocard.com. The IndigoCard login portal is secure and easy to use for new users. Users can securely activate their accounts and log in.

The official name of the card is IndigoCard and users should visit the official website www.indigocard.com which offers financial services. Once the IndigoCard is approved, users can choose their own card model and complete the transaction from personal devices connected to a secure Internet connection.